Seven Day Forecast

Thai Metereological Department


Useful Websites

Check current weather details for Samui and
other Thai locations updated daily at the Thai Metereological Department. Here you can find extended detailed forecasts for every Thai province and metropolitan centres.

Another excellent weather forecast service for
the region comes courtesy of the BBC. Check the BBC weather section and go to Asia/SEAsia
section for a 5 day forecast.

Take it as it Comes....

Enjoy the tropical weather in all its glory. Expect that some time during your holiday there will be rain. But don't be disappointed. Your first tropical rain storm is a wonder. Rather than being upset - enjoy it. Take some time out from the sun and
chill out.Perhaps enjoy a massage or body treatment at the Emerald Green Mens Club or
just read a book. Things could be worse....

If you came to Samui on a low season ticket -
then the wetness of the season is probably why the ticket was such a good deal. The weather is the main reason for Samui's low season.


Hot, hot, hot ....that is the general outlook for the Samui weather. Well, it is located a mere 9 degrees off the equator so it should come as no surprise that temperatures year round are at the warm end of the scale. But even a tropical island has variations - hot, hotter and not so hot? Wet, wetter, sunny, dry or breezy? Here we attempt to provide a guide to the general weather patterns year out. Though in a time of global climate change - better to expect the unexpected!