Mu Ko Angthong
National Maritime Park

Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park consists of 42 islands. The park covers a total area of 102 of which about only 18 is land. The National park encompasses 82% of the entire island chain and was established on 12th November 1980. Most of the islands consists of limestone outcrops ranging from 10 to 400 metres above sea level. Many of the outcrops have weathered under rain, wind and sun to form spectacular shapes. So just in case Samui is not enough island for you then take a boat trip out to the park and "island your self out".

Tours versus Self Drive

Some people are guided tour people others like to go independent. Samui offers the best of both worlds. There is enough to see and do to choose one or more of the many tours and organised activities offered by local businesses. But it is also small enough and open enough for you to get out and explore the island for your self. Hopefully the guide provided below helps you choose some holiday activities no matter your personal style. We would appreciate any feedback you may have on any of these activities or some you discover along the way which we do not mention here. You can send us an email on the contact us page of this site.

Doing Nothing is Doing Something!

Here we have endeavoured to highlight some of the things to see and to do on Samui. But hey, sometimes it is good to do nothing and it seems that a holiday can be just such a time. Samui is a great place to do just that - to just kick back and relax, chill out, sleep and eat - with the occasional swim to boot. Doing nothing - but something at the same time - now how cool is that!!!?

SamuiTo See + Do

There are many things to do while visiting Samui: deep sea dive, snorkel, sail, play golf, Jet Ski, trek, ride elephants, visit the aquarium, see the mummified Monk, butterfly garden + snake farm, Bengal tigers, performing monkeys, buffalo fighting, adventure sports and many more. We have selected a few less well known places and activities which may be of interest for gay travellers. These are not gay owned or operated (as far as we know) but you are sure to meet Thai, Asian and Western gay men and women along the way.