Want to Dance???

There are plenty of dance options on Samui. You can dance the night away at the gay bars but there are other better places to dance - not gay but you'll find plenty of dancing queens in the crowd - that's for sure.

green mango
is an institution - one of the original clubs. Big, loud, far from elegant but definitely an experience. At the end of the pumping soi (lane) named after the club 'soi green mango' in central chaweng. sweet soul is a popular bar in this soi - part of green mango - generally good tunes here.

Want to Dance???

reggae pub
One of the original clubs - big, brash + still popular - though you'll need to traverse a narrow road lined with girl bars.
full moon
another institution. Large dance party on Koh Phangan's main beach - obviously by the name approximately once every month. Requires boat trip from Samui.
dance parties many many places hold parties on Chaweng Beach and there are two parties a month at a location called Chaweng Lakeview. Listen for the advertising trucks circling the island to get details on the latest, coolest, next.

Want to Dance??

q bar
chic bar on hill behind Chaweng.
Expensive and often not busy but nice views, nice breeze, nice style. Dance club on lower floor - smooth tunes and chill space with view on top floor.
fusion long running club at the north end of Lamai.
hotel bars
not for dancing - but some of the most delectable bars you'll find with great views. Perhaps a good place to start off an evening while still light to enjoy the often stunning locations - perhaps through to a stunning tropical sunset.


Samui has it all one way or another. Disco 'girl' 'boy', jazz, beach, hotel elegance, Bangkok chic, karaoke, Irish, live music snooker, cocktail bars, lady boy cabaret, road side bars they are all here + as the world knows Thai people love to party, love noise, love to party late + love a crowd. The greatest concentration of night activity is in Chaweng but this is not to say Nathon, Lamai, Bophut or Mae Nam do not have night life - just slightly less in variety and intensity.