Thai Traditional Massage
Thai traditional massage utilises a combination of stretching and deep tissue massage techniques. It is usually performed on a mat at floor level and generally no oil is used. It is based on principles and aspects of Yoga and can feel like a gentle assisted yoga workout. Thai traditional massage - which is part of the general health regime for Thai people - does involve some interaction with the masseur so it may seem less relaxing than an oil massage. But a good masseur will guide you through the process so you don't really notice you are having to change positions. If you have any injuries or sensitive parts to your body let the masseur know first.

Aromatic Oils & Aromatherapy

Essential oils distilled from plants and their flowers have been used by world cultures for millennia. Certain oils have documented active ingredients with wide ranging uses and effects in medicine and cosmetics. Many upmarket spas will go into great detail about the benefits of this or that product - and perhaps it is true while maybe some claims need to be taken with a grain of salt. But at the end of the day it is whether it makes you feel good. If you feel relaxed, enjoy the aroma then the aromas have worked their magic. Lie back, empty your mind, chill out and enjoy the chance to have some time out.

Relaxation Versus Serious Body Work

Most spas and all of the man massage places on Samui are located at the leisure, relaxation, cosmetic end of the scale. If you want serious body work - detox, purges, fasting, accupunture you can indulge (may be not the right choice of word) in that end of the scale as well. Take a look at Trip Advisor for some advice on such places. Some alternative health spas are also menitoned in the Body & Soul section of this website.

GayMan Massage

Thailand, but especially Samui is reknown for its massage and alternative health spas. From the glamorous and pricey to a simple and cheap beach massage. But the truth is most of these places are focussed on the girl market. Boys need not fear however as there is a handful of male only gay focussed man-4-man options on Samui: The Emerald Green Mens Club being the market leader for professional service, quality & value for money. Check below for further details. For general information on Samui Spas check the Samui Spa Guide.