Gay Volley Ball

Throughout Thailand beach volleyball is a popular pursuit with gay guys and ladyboys. Guess we have all seen the Thai film 'Iron Ladies'. Samui is no exception and on the beach in front 'OP Bungalows', Central Chaweng there is a regular gathering of volleyball fans. Walk through the grounds of the 'Muang Samui Resort and Spa' then turn left at the beach.

Gay Thai guys and lady boy volley ball teams play on the beach each evening 5- 6 PM. Gay Thai and expats go to watch the serious but fun game but the Thai guys are not too keen to have you join in as they see it as 'their' game.

Power of the Web

The internet is a great tool to use when planning your holiday. Discount hotel rooms, airline tickets, information about your destination - it is all there. Of course the men are there also. Travellers can get to know others living around the world before heading off on holiday. Excellent stuff. Unfortunately it is often the case that websites in Thailand portray a bit more than reality and often the virtual promise is not lived up to in reality.
Still, where would we be without the internet? In the end though nothing beats the spontaneous fun of the unplanned. Those wonderful unexpected moments that only happen in the real world when real people come together.

The Gay Beach

Sad to say what was Samui's gay beach has fallen prey to developers and what once was a tree lined private cove is the beach front of an upmarket villa hotel - so much for progress.
Some websites which have not been updated in sometime will indicate that this beach is till active but this is old news. Of course there are many opportunities to meet guys on Samui's beaches as these are always popular places to hang out. It is the reason so many come to the island afterall. Locals generally enjoy the beach after the sunand heat have receded - usually late afternoon onwards. Check out the 'To See + To Do' section for details on Samui's best beaches.

GayMaking Friends

What makes travelling so much fun is having the opportunity to see new places, experience new things and of course to make new friends. Thai people, and Samui people in partcular, are very friendly and enjoy making contact with visitors. So don't hesitate to say hello. What about your fellow travellers? You never know who you may meet on Samui while on holiday. Thailnd has a reputation as a sex holiday destination - in reality this is a small and completely optional part of the Thai holiday experience.