Need a Doctor?

There are four international standard private hospitals on Samui. Each has a range of services including Emergency Departments. Dental care is generally of an excellent standard throughout Thailand at pleasing prices - Samui is no exception with many clinics dotted around the island.

Bandon International Hospital 077 425 382
Bangkok Samui Hospital 077 429 500
Samui International Hospital 077 421 781
Thai International Hospital 077-414400
Samui Dental Clinic 077 245988

Lotus Medical International

Thinking of surgery - cosmetic or medical or serious dental work here on Samui? This new venture has done all the leg work for you to find the best hospitals + clinics which can offer you reasonably priced high quality medical care.

They can seemlessly integrate any of your medical needs with your holiday - providing you an excellent personalised and professional service.

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Alternative Health

Detox, purge, yoga, reiki, retreats.... is this your cup of tea? Then there are some great alternative health options for you on Samui. From the glamorous to the simple and down to earth.
Absolute Sanctuary

Natural High Retreat
Oasis Health Resort
The Spa Beach Resort - Lamai

Go to our Holiday Planner to check out some great alternative health deals offered to gay travellers.

TravelTropical Health

Samui is a tropical island and the tropics bring their own special mix of irritants and infections. So it pays to be aware, prepare and prevent. You have worked and saved hard for your trip so don't loose valuable time and fun by falling ill. All the medical stuff you need is available on Samui - world class hospitals and pharmacies everywhere. So no need to worry about treatment. But as anywhere prevention is the way to go. So below there are some handy tips on how best to stay well + enjoy your vacation.