Tropical Fruits

Bananas, pineapples, papaya, watermelon and coconut (a Samui icon) are delciously available the year out. But some other treats are only available in season. Most of the fruits listed below are in season and at their best April - June. These wonders of the tropics are worth trying - so put back the expensive imported apples, plums and peaches. Go local!

• mangosteen • lychee • rambutan • langsart • guava • snakefruit • pomelo • durian • coconut • dragonfruit • rose apple • jackfruit •

Southern Thai Specialities

The coconut, which grows throughout the region, appears in many southern dishes which is fortunate as it mitigates the ferocious chillis in Southern food. Seafood is used in abundance. Shrimp paste is a favourite and adds a distinctive pungent flavour to local dishes. The Muslim influence in the region adds another disctinctive aspect. Islam came with Indian migrants and with them came Indian style flavours and dishes. Tumeric a staple in curry powder appears frequently in the south but is used in fresh rather than dried form. Roti + Mussuman curry a two popular dishes with an Indian heritage served in the South. For a good introduction to Southern Thai food check this website.

Self Cater

Planning on renting a house and cooking for yourselves? Good on you! You can buy whatever you need on Samui - though imported (luxury) items such as cheese + wine incur huge taxes
and duties making them rather pricey. Here are some places to shop:
• Dow + Laemdin Local Markets - seafood, vegetables, fruits, sweets, Thai snacks and all manner of things.
• Tesco Lotus, Big C, Tops + Makro Supermarkets
• Wine Connection + Central Wine Cellar
• Colibri Foods - wholesale and retails for European foods and deli items.
Check the online 'Samui Directory' for details of these suppliers + more.


There is a huge variety of places to eat around Samui - restaurants, roadside stalls, marketplaces, and vendors who come to your door no less! No worry about ever going hungry where ever you find yourself on the island. The range of food types is also huge - of course there is the full gamut of Thai but you can also enjoy Italian, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Nepalese, and French,... the list goes on. Being an island seafood is a popular choice with fish boat + barbeque restaurants lining the main shopping streets. Bon Apetit!