Gay friendly - what is this??

There are currently no gay hotel options on
Samui. There are a few gay owned and operated guest houses or bed and breakfasts. Check out the gay rooms section below for further details.Many hotels claim to be gay friendly. But what does this mean exactly? In the 21st century, in Thailand isn't it reasonable to expect all hotels are open to any guest wanting to stay and able to pay? The reality is that often promoting a hotel as 'gay friendly' is a quick cheap and easy way to try to appeal to a niche market often without a real interest in that niche market - beyond chasing the so-called pink dollar (or baht) that is.

Guests for a Night

Many hotels in Thailand require that any overnight guest you bring back to your room is registered on entry to the hotel - this usually involves them leaving their id card with security or at reception. Some Samui hotels charge a "joiner fee" for any visitors - usually if you have paid for a single occupancy room. If you intend to take someone back to your hotel enquire at reception what their policy is exactly - to avoid any awkward moments upon a late night return to your hotel and to avoid any nasty surprises on your bill when checking out. Don't be shy to be up front - it is the 'front' desk afterall and besides, they've seen and heard it all!

Taxes and Tipping

Most medium to higher priced hotels will add 10% service charge + 7% value added tax (VAT) + 1% regionall tax to room rates and 10% service charge + 7% value added tax (VAT) to other products and services - such as food, spa and
tour services. If you are using one of the many discount booking websites check which of these charges are included in their rates. The service charge is intended for the staff, paid out as a bonus at the end of each month. So there is no requirement to tip staff. However some customers do so for staff who make that extra effort.


Well ... many rooms will have a view - the sparkling azure of the tropical sea or a luscious verdant tropical forest. But many won't. As the saying goes you get what you pay for. There is a huge range available - from glamorous 5 star resorts down to the humble coconut wood hut. From thb600 to over thb50,000 a night. Or how about renting a furnished house - cost effective if you are a group or staying a month or more. Houses for rent range from glamorous sprawling well appointed homes to small basic villas.